Sequels – Successful Series =/= Good Games

It seems like everytime a series becomes commercial successful, it degrades in quality. This isn’t anything new, or suprising, but the recent rash of new entries into venerable old serii seem to be a bit questionable in design.

First off, Medal of Honor: Airborne. Seriously, EA, how about letting the whole Medal of Honor series go? Why the hell do we need 10+ Medal of Honor games, strewn across various platforms? EA these days is like Sunrise – they rehash old ideas but put new spins into them to make them seem fresh. The ideas behind Airborne – drop behind enemy lines, entirely free map and objectives, dynamic and shifting fronts – are great, but I’m pretty sure it’ll still sell really well even if it doesn’t have the Medal of Honor moniker on it.

The {Main Title} : [Little Title] thing is going way too far.

Next, Splinter Cell: Conviction. The whole series, since its beginnings, has been about hiding in the shadows, and rarely walking in full light. There was even that section in Pandora Tomorrow where Sam goes, “Wait, you want me to walk in the spotlight?” when confronted with a hostile sniper’s nightvision goggles. Now, in Convictions, Ubisoft just completely takes that out and slaps in the ‘Attention’ meter a la Hitman. I understand that the story is going in a new direction, and that Sam is a fugitive now, not the hi-tech paramilitary agent he used to be, but that doesn’t mean the series has to change that drastically.

In case this sounds like I don’t want serii to change – essentially, that I want to be fed the same crap – that is not what I’m saying. Change is good, but only so much if they actually help it. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Which brings me to Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. I actually want to applaud the fact that they are actually considering the original audience which they’ve totally pissed off with Ghost Recon 2 and Advanced Warfighter, and will make this new entry more tactical, “like in the original game”, or so they say. If it really turns out to be as magnificent and sweat-inducing as the original Ghost Recon on PC, then I might just have renewed faith in the devs.

Video game talk over…

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