A Pitch – Call of Duty with Squad Control

Just my 2nd “A Pitch”, and already (funnily enough) it doesn’t involve anime.


Note: It doesn’t actually have to be an offshoot or in any way related to Call of Duty, it’s just that I thought of this first when I was playing it.

Note 2: No, I’m not proposing Faces of War. More like Silent Storm in real-time.

Idea: Three words – Third Person Tactics.

Maybe it’s better if I say, “Floating-Camera-Real-Time-Squad-Tactics”. It’s basically that, exactly like it sounds – you’re a floaty head that controls the squad (let’s just assume it’s set in WWII for now). Unlike something like Silent Storm, it’s all in real-time. I chose Call of Duty as a base because a lot of people have played it, so it’s easy to understand if I explain in those terms.

Basically, imagine if you, as a player, is NOT an entity in the game world, so all the firefights/etc. are done AI-vs-AI. What the player is responsible for is telling guys where to go, when to use what (ie. grenades), and other fire-and-maneuver tactics. Your camera can go wherever the hell you want, but enemies don’t show up unless they’re standing in the open, or your guys can physically see them (a variation of fog-of-war). You naturally have to worry about stuff like stamina, ammunition, health, and all-around well-being of your troops (all 7-15 of them). Naturally, there will be character classes, attributes to improve, levels to… up, and weapons to maintain and feed. You may also customize your troopers (I always liked that… like how in Ghost Recon, I always gave the first guy in Fireteam Alpha my own name).

It will try to stay close to realism (at least, closer than Call of Duty). That means location-based damage, long-term disabilities because of said damage, well-implemented physics, the works. I want bullets penetrating light cover, big guns and arty blowing apart buildings, richochets and deflections, limited lines of sight, all that fancy jazz. Make sure to throw in a good melee system as well (look to Dawn of War for a great system backed by stellar animation) if your guys and the enemy ever gets that close.

A multiplayer portion will work like that Savage game from a while back. Instead of AI squaddies, they will be live players, will one floaty-head commanding player. The commander deals with supplies, recon, and giving waypoints and commands, while the grunts actually in the fight do the dirty work of killing the other team and raising flags.

Perhaps a better example would be Company of Heroes on a much tinier scale, and much more in-depth.

It all sounds simple, but it looks and sounds totally awesome in my imagination.

  1. #1 by celpjefscycle on January 12, 2008 - 7:48 am

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  2. #2 by Desi on February 22, 2008 - 11:49 am

    I got to this post a little late, but you’ve basically described a game called Faces of War, published by Ubisoft. It’s set in World War 2 and is a real-time squad tactics game. The environments are entirely destructible, and you can take direct control over any of your units to, say, drive a tank through a building or set up a sniper shot that is normally out of range.

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