Pictures – My Trip Thus Far

I know that the previous entry said I wouldn’t be writing now… but I am. I just realized that it’s 4:49 in the afternoon, and we won’t be going out until at least 6 or 7. With the computer all to myself (my dad’s asleep – heheh) it’s too good a chance to waste.


I never did get a chance to tell everyone how much I dislike Malaysia as a country. It’s not about the people – they’re as good, or bad, as you find in most East Asian countries. It’s not the place – dangerous as it is, it’s no worse than, well, other East Asian countries. It’s the culture that I really don’t like. I can’t explain it well in a paragprah (or even 4) but I’ll get around to it eventually.

..Then again, maybe I just can’t get used to the fact that everything (I mean, everything) tastes… different.

Even the damn Pepsi. Don’t ask me why.

…but even that’s better than this. Meet Pocky’s bastard cousin, Chocky (I wasn’t able to get a picture of Rocky – no, I’m not kidding). If these are real brands, then I apologize, but still… it’s pretty damn funny.


I also spent quite a bit of time in Singapore. A nice country… I guess a fair accessment from my week there would be, “a more Engrish Hong Kong”. However, aside from the area I lived in, the most memorable place I visited was probably Sentosa Island (basically the theme-park-island / tourist trap).

For one, because we saw these giant suckers. I’ve heard of them before… but still, it was a pretty “OH SHI-” moment. And there were two of them.

(picture of spider crab removed due to some problems my dad have with it… don’t ask…)
We also saw Japanese spider crabs. Having seen (and eaten) these before, it wasn’t quite as impressive. That’s my mom, by the way. People have mistaken her for my older sister, which caused much lulz amongst the three of us.

Took this during the cable car ride back to Singapore. It’s actually a nice place to live, if you live in a non-extravagant way.


As for Hong Kong, I don’t have much to say, since everyone have seen it, or will see it eventually. So I’ll just make fun of their English. It’s always fun to make fun of your own countrymen/women.

…but I was astounded to find that the English in Hong Kong was actually okay. I was last here when I was just eight, so I didn’t know English yet, but it’s always been okay apparently.. Now, you would think any Chinaman would translate that into “Running Horse” or some other oddity that foreigners can get a chuckle out of. But instead, it’s “Happy Valley” – which it is, I suppose, if you actually make some money off the horse-race betting.


That’s all for now… when I end up somewhere else, and take pictures, they’ll be here (eventually).


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