Pics – Japan: Night 3

So… it’s my third day in Hokkaido. Crazy tired, too, and my parents are getting room service massages at ¥5000 per hour. Damn them. Anyways…

Day 1

Nothing happened. We woke up at 5am in our hotel in Hong Kong, then drove to the airport. Met with the guide, got on the plane at 9am. Arrived at Narita International at 3pm, then transferred to an internal flight at 6pm. Finally checked in at the hotel at 9pm. Funnily enough, I didn’t sleep – mainly because we wake up at 5am the next morning. Sigh.

Well, one good thing…

…and it’s the absolutely awesome streetside ramen (I forgot to take a picture of the una-don at the airport). In fact, we were so happy after the ramen – even after all that flying – that we all had beer. Wee~

Day 2

So, ahem… the real vacation starts. Didn’t sleep at all – spent the whole night catching up on my ‘drugs’ – so I slept on the bus instead. Missed one or two attractions, but oh well. My parents bought me a necklace thingie (while I was asleep) that apparently is also worn by the male lead in that Liar Game show which I don’t watch. (…)

But then again, we did get to sleep on tatami mats, so it actually started to feel like a Japanese vacation.

Funnily enough, nobody actually slept in this room. Now would be a good time to mention the fact that for every hotel we stay at, I got a room to myself, because my parents would take a 2-people room, and since nobody else on the tour is sticking out(and male) I’m stuck by myself. Anyways, nobody slept in this room because my parents’ room is the same size, and has 4 sets of bedding, so we all just slept in one room, watching Death Note on TV to pass the time.

Day 3 (Today)

Probably the most interesting day yet, because we went to one of those ‘cultural museums’ where they recreated a Japanese town in the unidentified “old days” (ie: when Tokyo was still Edo). All the sites were pretty interesting, but my dad and I had the most fun throwing shiriken’s and darts and shooting bows. There was also an airsoft rifle for some reason, which I missed horribly with – not because I’m a bad shot but because the sights (and the damn barrel) was aligned incorrectly. Damn shoddy worksmanship.

Mass loads of pictures will come later – it’s getting a bit late, the old man next to me (it’s a public Internet center) is looking up pr0n on YouTube and making disturbing grunting noises, and no, I’m not kidding.


Let’s see…

The Pepsi tastes different, which I have learned is true for places all around the world (different ingredients and targets). It’s sweeter, which is nicer, in a way.

But it’s not a Japan trip until I’ve had one of these – w00t! Incidently, the last time I had one before now was 10 years ago. Observant persons might notice that Japan is a very dry place.

Melonpan (well, not really)!! Yes, I am just as excited about Shakugan no Shana II as these guys. [/random]

Only for anime am I willing to type out so much HTML. Sigh.


Um… I haven’t bought much of anything yet, except for food and drinks for the long drives, and one (1…!) T-shirt. If you guys really want stationery/etc. then I could pick some up tomorrow. Clothing is manageable if you are willing to divulge your sizes (I know that didn’t sound right). Food is limited to snacks and the like. Again, small items are easy, but really, no guarantees for bigger-than-a-handbag stuff, except for, um, special requests. Sorry.



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