Pics – Hokkaido Jidaimura

(This was Day 4 of my Japan trip)

A jidaimura is basically a ‘cultural village’ (not lit.) – ie. a recreation of the good ol’ days centuries – or possibly millenia – ago. Anyways, picture spam:

This is the entrance… not pictured is the bespectacled man dressed in period guards’ livery, yelling at us and waving his swords.

Just a stroll through the village… I actually have more pictures, but they’re not particularly interesting, so I just got picky.

The village has a rather big focus on ninja’s: the game stands feature shuriken-throwing, and dart-throwing and -blowing (the mouth-tube thingie). We also saw a ‘reenactment’ – aka, a period drama – of a normal ‘mission’ ninja’s were apparently involved in.

Those ninja’s sure were an interesting bunch, what will the swinging axes from ceilings and more secret doors than real doors in their houses. But I disgress.

(Next up: Hokkaido Flower Land, where you get to make pillows, and walk among flowers! The breeze was nice, at least…)



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