Church of Satanism : You at the center of the Universe

“I said I believe in Christ. I didn’t said anything about the Christians.”

Being a ‘Christian’ by way of “intepret your religion as you see fit”, I try to keep an open mind about all religions. That being said, I was very interested in the things discussed during Wikinews’ interview with Peter Gilmore, a LayVeyan Satanist.

Love yourself, love life, and work to enhance your life… would seem to be the general outer message. Sounds awfully familiar.

Generally, this is how life works as it is, but instead of it being a subconscious thing, now you can actually wrap your entire existence around it. When it comes down to it, people are like this wherever you are. This is really the ultimate counter-religion. Instead of just stuffing your fingers in your ears and going, “I can’t hear you”, or “our gods are superior”, or “god sucks, losers”, or “iunno”, some variation thereof, they say, “There are no deities, and you know what’s at the center of the universe? YOU, you ungrateful bastard. Start taking care of it.”

They are religiously strict with their Laws – so much so that I can easily imagine kids growing up under it becoming cold, efficient, commanding individuals. Maybe it’s not to late to drop the J-man and convert…


(Another useless mess delivered by resident trainwreck.)


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