Conceptual Misassumptions

Guy 1: Did they take out throws or something?
Guy 2: No, they just changed it to A+D.
Guy 1: Oh. I thought it was a bit weird for a fighting game not to have throws. Thanks.

Melty Blood Act Cadenza thread

I stumbled upon this during my confusion period of trying to get Act Cadenza VerB to work. My question is this: Why does there need to to be throws in a fighting game? It’s just a ‘fighting’ game. Does such a game require grappling/high-kicking/etc. maneuvers? Is it something like how a first-person shooter must include a sniping weapon, or how terrorists must use Kalashnikovs? Well, maybe that last one isn’t so far off.

Point is, why are there these unnecessary assumptions for something fairly simple and trivial? Do people just easily forget that assumptions are just a milder version of publically-denounced steretyping?

To give an interesting example, one of my female coworkers had the following conversation with me a few days ago (translated by me).

Her: Hey, there’s this girl who needs English tutoring. Good for you, eh? (according to the guys, she’s supposed to be good-looking)
Me: …So how do you know I’m not already, ah, attached?
Her: Well… aren’t you the glasses-wearing, nerd type who leads a life lacking in estrogen? (<- not lit.)
Me: …

Like many other issues in the world, I can put the blame solidly on the human brain, which while being extremely good as a pattern recognization device, tends to overanalyze things with no reason. Ah, there I went and destroyed the purpose of this entire entry. Damn you, brain.


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