Predating my own domain

(Obligatory: Wow, it’s been a while.)

I have noticed some interesting trends among certain members of the working class lately. It’s not anything new, but it has just occured to me, a new addition to that group.

Mainly, it’s how many want to reach the status quo of “maximum pay, minimum work”. However, isn’t that aspiration a bit high for an individual who is currently, most likely, at the reverse?

Doubtless, I am part of a majority when I say that only hard work equates to high payoff. What seems hard to one is easy to another, opposite goes, etcetera.

This is why I’ve never understood the point of setting the position of “someone else” as your goal, which is almost as pointless as the hopelessly obese trying to lose weight, or (insert insulting offhand remark for respective group here). While the old saying of “stepping in someone else’s shoes” is thoughtful, “running off with them on” is not. The meaning is to leap into another’s viewpoint, not use that viewpoint yourself; at that point, you’re just an imitation of an original you could never hope to surpass.

Instead of hoping to reach the level of “another”, isn’t it better just to maximize what you yourself can accomplish and achieve? Staying true to yourself, but also giving satisfaction, without being self-outcasted by the works of others.

To paraphrase, “the current society and its inbitions allows a niche minority to succeed within that society by acting without those inhibitions”. While I am not particularly encouraging psychopathy or its tendencies, at the very least, remaining true to your own self without being restrained by your peers would be a good start.

It’s called “being yourself”.


  1. #1 by Clarissaxl on March 25, 2008 - 2:14 am

    Brilliant page!, man

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