There is no fork

During these past months, number one activity has been: Thinking. Conjuring. Visualizing. Imagining. Fantasizing. After going through enough to allow a comradely embrace from Eins, I think I’m still at square-one.

Unfortunately, it would appear that I’m not the type to make up my mind quickly and decisively. In any case, how can I? There are so many factors to consider, and each of them seem to have life-changing consequences.

It was interesting to see, however, that most choices, taken far enough, return to a single point and has me doing something similar. Almost as if that Nasu guy infected me with his writings and ideas. I am no the kind of person who likes considering my own future, but now that I have, it’s almost as if I had little say in the affair to begin with. I smell fate. Predestination.

I need some sort of causation-warping function here. I need to keep my goals ahead of my starting points, so to speak. Or maybe… I should’ve just set them ahead of time.

Though I guess that’s what the Reset button is for. Right?



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