A Pitch following a previous : Faces of Full Spectrum Storm Heroes of War

“Comrade Strechkov has reached level 50!”

A comment on my old Faces of War entry prompted me to write this. Basically, “Call of Duty floaty head” was connected with “Faces of War” rather than “Silent Storm in real-time or Full Spectrum Warrior in WWII” like I wanted to. Which is why I was reminded of the reason why felt the need to pitch it in the first place.

(Warning: Game fanwanking ahead.)

Render the projectiles. Bullets, tank shells, et al. If Red Orchestra could do it with 64 players… It doesn’t have to be every last one, but 30% would be a good start.

Platoon-level action. If Direct Action mode isn’t a necessity, then neither are three-man “infiltration” teams.

Levelling. Combat experience, maneuver experience, enemy experience, group morale, individual morale, all of ’em.

Out of view: 2nd Squad, 3rd Squad, supported by Shermans.

Changing Environment. In general, good weather makes easier shooting, bad weather makes people miserable. More specific examples: wind messes with long-range shots, dust and mud make weapons jam.

Operation Map. Depends, really, but ~700m average?

Campaign Mode. Turn-based (one to three per turn?) map following individual operations, or period of time directly at the front.

There should be another 30 guys a little to the left.

Supply and Reinforce System. One that actually accounts for supply lines and such.

Requisitional Support. Guns beyond 75, close air support… basically, whatever a Lieutenant can possibly get from higher up, depending on closeness to parent unit HQ. If they have it, that is (which they won’t if supply lines are broken, etc…)

Thrown in for the hell of it. Tiger tanks!

So essentially, yes, a Real Time Tactics version of Silent Storm but with the operational scale of Faces of War and a Risk-esque campaign map.



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