Fate/unlimited codes website updated

I just noticed, but the unlimited codes website has been updated with tons of new media, including new wallpapers (and by extension, character art) for the playable characters – at least, the ones we’ve been shown.

I was a bit skeptical about the whole “seriously written seriously by Nasu (except 1 character)” thing, but the “CHAMPAIGN” menu cleared up my doubt nicely. That’s Nasu’s influence, alright.

Oh, and Luvia is going to be in it, for some reason. Not a playable character, unfortunately. I guess that’s what Fate/unlimited codes Heaven’s Fall Version B is for.

(And in case anyone saw the exact same “Nasu” message on Koichan – that was me too. I’m lazy like that.)

PS: As for the two hidden characters; one is probably Taiga. And the other is either Luvia (despite the whole “non-playable” thing) or Kuzuki. Or Bazett? Sakura? Who knows. Black Saber could probably be an alternate outfit for Saber for or something…

PPS: Just saw the AOU trailer; last two characters are Kotomine and Sakura?

PPPS: Berserker’s page has Nine Lives listed;. I thought Mad Enhancement didn’t allow that to be used…? And Archer’s page has “himself” listed as a weapon, which was pretty lol-worthy.

In addition to his ‘official’ NP’s – I think they forgot the quotes for “Sword of Seperation Ea” – Gilgamesh has (quote) “lots of other stuff”. I did see Gungnir (or Gae Bolg, or Lu Bu’s halberd, whatever) in the video, so I guess he can pull stuff out like Shiro; one-shot combos.

And speaking of which, Shiro’s regular ‘flailing fists’ were amusing.

But what really impressed me in the video was Lancer, especially the insane speed. Fastest of the Servants, indeed.


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