Fate/unlimited codes – AOU'08 Trailer

Double-post lulwut.

But the new trailer is awesome enough to warrant its own post as well as excessive fanboying; it’s basically a showcase of the big combos and killing moves. Things of interest:

– hilarious Engrish (Archer’s VA must be tired of doing the UBW chant).

– Saber does a full 6-hit sword combo before using Excalibur. Needs Black Saber as alternate outfit.

– Shiro pulled out Kansho & Bakuya for a bit (they break) then uses Nine Lives Blade Works (!). They need the “made of swords” Shiro as an alternate outfit, seriously. It doesn’t look right when regular Shiro uses it.

– Rin’s is the Jewel Sword, no surprises there.

– Same with Lancer (thrown Gae Bolg). Still looks badass.

– Rider, Bellerophon etc. And jiggle physics (I lol’d).

– Assassin, Tsubame Gaeshi, which looks like it got an upgrade, since he does about ninety billion slashes before actually doing the three consecutive strikes.

– Berserker got some berserk-fury-slashing-thing. Might be Nine Lives, dunno, but it tallied up to… 110 hits.

– Caster freezes the poor sod, does a laser rain, then follows up with the giant beam of light (from hollow ataraxia).

– Kotomine, Angra Mainyu tentacles. Kinky. Needs muscle-shirt Kotomine as alternate outfit.

– Sakura, dark version, shadow giants and whips. Even more kinky. The shadow dress flares up quite a bit as well (yes, I notice these things).

– Gilgamesh earns Magnificent Bastard points for using Erukidu to tie the other guy down then opening Gate of Babylon in their face. Also of note: his awesome 8-hit combo where he pulled a different weapon for each attack, starting with Durandal.

– Archer is, of course, Unlimited Blade Works. Does a combo, shoots a couple of swords, then a final 60-hit sword spam.

– And Kotomine’s the announcer, lol’d.


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