The silver lining

Picture unrelated. Really. I just wanted to stick it somewhere.

I was listening to the ED of xxxHOLiC Kei which just came out, and one thing led to another, and I remembered something back when I used to frequent the Anime Nation Forums (the unofficial Evangelion Commentary Project forum); a quote which I put into my signature.

90% of teenagers today listen to rap. If you are still one of the 10% still listening to real music, put this in your sig.

It was pretty funny when I saw it on another board, so I decided to quote the whole thing. Despite that, people immediately called me out on it, with several accusing me of… something, prejudice against rap? (One actually went like, “Rap, represent!”, which I obviously ignored) I got more attention from that quote that I generally get from my actual forum participation.

Anyway, that got me thinking, as only random thoughts can. I generally respect all genres, at least in concept. It’s impossible to have a genre without some of it being good. By corollary, 80% of any given genre can’t not suck. It’s the bell curve, Sturgeon’s Law, or whatever you want to call it.

I still listen to metal or the occasional rap, or even punk rock, since there can’t not be some good artists: System of a Down, SR-71, My Chemical Romance to a degree, that metal group from Northern Europe whose name escapes me at the moment except that it ends in -er, Breaking Benjamin, In Flames, etc. They belong to the genre, but they are still the proverbial flower in the dung heap. It may have lovingly raised these works of excellence, but they are still, for lack of a better word, shit.

Personally, I like metal, just not of the acid, death (well, sometimes), or thrash variety. Similarly, I liked emo back when it just meant “emotional” and not the specific kind of emotional now associated with it.

This is a problem I frequently encounter when watching anime; what with the dozens of shows out each season, which is even worth watching? I could go through a million blogs, but in the end, it’s still an opinion falling prey to that dastardly bell, which is either accentuating the positive, the negative, or annoyingly vague.

Apparently, there’s just no easy way out of it besides experiencing it yourself and finding out first-hand.

I kind of lost my train of thought there.

PS: Hey, my PhotoBucket account’s finally back up.


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