Video games still evil, says people

(Wow, two days off the Internet and I’m bursting with things to say. I should get off more.)

Anti-GTA IV campaigners quickly jumped on the stabbing incident as proof that such games are too violent for society.

The Register

The Reverse: Society is so violent that simple disputes over video games can end in bloodshed. Thus, society is too messed up for video games. Video games are too good for you.

Actually, I’m a bit more surprised at the whole issue of “people shocked and disgusted at a nonexistent spoof website inside a game which is blatantly offensive and says so on the packaging”. Rockstar North has had a fine tradition of doing this with games, but apparently, Even Evil Has Standards, and that standard is (again, nonexistent) child pornography. Which does not exist – I had to point that out again.

So it’s all right to steal, sell, destroy, illegally race, and run over pedestrians with cars, pay for hookers and then kill them to get your money back, deal with various black markets and ludicrous amounts of ill-gained money, guns, and drugs, but even the hardcore gangster with the cop-killing barrel-shrouded pistol-gripped black plastic rifle loaded with baby-piercing ricocheting assault bullets will cringe at sex with minors. Which doesn’t exist, because it’s a spoof. There, I pointed it out again.

Now that, my friend, is hypocrisy.

(And I don’t even have Grand Theft Auto IV installed, so I guess I’m pretty much in-the-air myself.)


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