Fate / unlimited codes : shaping up

Combos combos combos.

b0rken Kirei vs. Unlimited Blade Works
Archer with bow getting wailed on is pretty funny.

Hot Gae Bolg on Saber action
Beautiful finishers.

Saber vs. Gilgamesh
Avalon, Excalibur, then… Excalibur again.

Caster vs. Lancer
First time I saw Gae Bolg miss.

Bellerophon spam vs. Angra Mainyu spam
High kicks abound.

Rider vs. Shiro
Shiro has the stupidest-looking moveset.

Rin vs. Kirei
Tohsaka-style for everyone.

(And still no Sakura! Where’s my Sakura?!)


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