Two of your Earth minutes

This happened a while ago.

Two of my pens ran out of ink. I went out to the local stationery store and bought five more. The total came out to forty Taiwan dollars, or I think they’re dollars.

Anyway, after the purchase, I went to the closest convenience store and bought a bottle of Pocari Sweat; it was a hot day, and Taipei is the sort of place where it would be a windy 16-degrees day and you’d still sweat. This was $32.

I went out without nothing in my pockets except keys, the remote for the security system, and two $100 bills. I spent $72 total.

For the price of the drink and maybe one less pen, I could’ve bought a stack of A4 paper to go along with my new writing utensils. Together, they could have been about three months of fulfillment before I had to go and buy more. I traded that for fifteen minutes of enjoyment and respite.

As always, hindsight’s a bitch.

PS: Kara no Kyoukai soon. I get the feeling I said those exactly words last month.


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