Fate/unlimited codes : when all's said and done…

I’ve written quite a bit on unlimited codes lately – generally comments of the “OH GOD THIS IS AWESOME” variety – so it’s somewhat late to point out that I was actually disappointed when I first saw it in action.

Of course, I haven’t played the damn thing yet; just as well, since it’s not the, er, ‘solidity’ of the gameplay that’s lacking.

Anyone who has read the text will attest that Fate is quite a splatterfest (did that rhyme a bit?) what with all those Persons/Implements of Mass Destruction. It doesn’t venture into the “my kung-fu is stronger than yours” territory. Characters die bloody messy deaths.

Which makes it an odd contrast with the hack-and-slash of unlimited codes. Granted, it’s not bad to follow standard fighting game conventions, but as it stands, the game might as well be Dead Or Alive : Holy Grail War Edition.

It might be just me, but I was honestly expecting more along the lines of Bushido Blade.


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