Chaos Theory sniper rifle rant, oh my!

The sudden leap in number of entries is a bit jarring for me – guess I just have a lot of say for some reason. Anyway, I finally noticed the new comment that’s been sitting on my Dashboard since August. I rarely get comments as it is so it apparently took me one and a half month to realize and a half more to do something about it.

(Warning: RAAAAGE following.)

It was weird enough that it warranted extra attention on my part. I still don’t understand why my Splinter Cell nitpick attracts attention like this. In any case, let me take that down bit by bit:

It’s a 20mm which technicly makes it a cannon since anything 15mm and up is classified as a cannon.

Last I heard, diameter doesn’t mean a thing in terms of classification when it comes to, y’know, handheld weapons. And I think the term being grasped for here is ‘gun’, as in ‘light gun’… say, 20mm AA?

Because of the size of the shell, the amount of powder behind the projectile would actually be very affective at the ranges you encounter in the game. In short being a 20mm cannaon it doesn’t need barral length to be acurate.

Hubba wuh?

A) If it really was a 20-mil round (and I’m starting to doubt that, maybe it was 14mm) it was still fired out of a damn sniper rifle, making it a rifle round.
B) The ‘ranges you encounter in the game’ are… well, fairly short, I’ll give him that. Except, uh, you’re supposed to snipe with this thing. As in, aside from being able to cut through the air, it actually needs a barrel to be propelled and accelerated through. The little dinky M203-esque thing attached to your F2000 is decidedly not that.
C) ‘Being a cannon = no need for barrel length’, the hell? Either this helpful reader is confusing the methodology of mortars and guns, or he/she/it has the idea that a bullet’s propellant charge turns it into a rocket, as opposed to just making a lot of gas to shove it out the barrel really fast.

Let me rephrase my original problem – and trust me, I don’t even know why I’m doing this.

There’s a modular carbine, a F2000. You can attach stuff to it: pneumatic launcher, shotgun, foregrip… The problem is with the sniper rifle ‘attachment’, because the only thing it attaches is some sort of barrel extension, then some unidentifiable underbarrel attachment, and this magically becomes a 14mm sniper rifle. Not to mention that you can still fire the regular 5.56mm ammo somehow.

Now, unless said unidentifiable underbarrel attachment was in fact some proprietary loading system that can load 14mm in lieu of regular rifle bits – and it’d have to be pretty damn inventive to load a round from the front and into the back of the bullpup where the regular mag is at – the only thing the ‘sniper attachment’ actually adds is the extra length of barrel, which also cancels out the suppressor somehow when firing its magic 14mm bullets from thin air. And if the underbarrel thing is firing them… that’s even stupider.

IE. Ubisoft screwed up. It wasn’t even a big thing. And this one comment made me nitpick it to hell and back. Sigh.


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