Hell's Highway : you're in the (British) Army now

Yes! You can have a full squad now! Three fireteams FTW!

On the whole, the third game in the Brothers in Arms series, Hell’s Highway, is great, giving the Second World War a very intimate and personal feeling by judicious use of cinematics and cutscenes. At the same time, it has excellent, tactical gameplay marred only by occasionally idiotic AI (but at least nothing Earned in Blood stupid) and some very random gameplay changes. The most egregious is probably the sudden and complete left-field segues as a British tank commander. Wait, what?

I thought I was playing Brothers in Arms. Turns out it was Call of Duty.

I mean, yeah, it’s fun to just rampage through enemy defenses once in a while (and totally trash the game’s vaunted “authenticity”) but… what?

Meet Subplot #12659.

At least tanks are no longer murderously difficult like, say, the unstoppable tin cans in Earned in Blood.

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