Prince of Persia – incredibly moronic design choices

Random screencap from trailer, because I can’t be buggered to launch the game just for a single screenshot. The Hunter (left) is pretty awesome, though.

The new Prince of Persia isn’t too bad – though why they marketed it as a reboot of Sands of Time when there’s nothing in common except a whole lotta wall-running – but plagued by pure idiocy in terms of game design. Did Ubisoft Montreal recently fire all their game testers and the entire QC staff? Because that would be one of two things that would explain this inconsistency, the other (already aforementioned) being that their workers are utter morons.

Did they honestly believe that having a sparkly woosh effect a whole second long between every menu change wouldn’t get annoying after the hundredth time?

Was the PC development team inebriated throughout the entire creation process?

And to the designer(s) of the combat system… it’s actually decent, though (again) awkward, because the back-and-forth swordfights are so inconsistent. Let’s not even mention how disjointed the action and the platforming are…



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