(And now, for something completely different.)

I’ve been playing STALKER again recently, as I’ve never had the time to finish it (like Silent Hunter 3).

Note the farm at bottom-left of map.

Fast forward a bit, and I’m in Dark Valley. While there on a plot-related job (getting the keycard), I ran into a Duty patrol with a mate imprisoned by bandits holed up in a base which, for aforementioned job reasons, I had to raid anyway, so what the hell. After the shooting, I find a random Stalker asking for help. This is nothing unusual, so I give him a health kit, and he tells me about a farm to the South where someone is selling a Gauss gun for 800 ruble – a bargain, considering the average rifle goes for well over a thousand.

So here I am. The guy waves me over right away, and I give him the money (I had about 40,000 ruble at this point). He runs inside to “get the goods” – then turns around and calls me a sucker. The guard at the entrance tells me eff off.

No gauss, but consolation prize is a silenced MP5.




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