A STALKER Moment : difficult choices

Clear Sky‘s new weapon modification system is really awesome. Unfortunately, it gives the unavoidable side-effect of not knowing when you should part with your customised weapons.

Like so.

I got this L85 fairly early (Garbage) and it’s been my primary since then. Strangely, I’ve never used anything else, and upgraded it several times, even though it is terribly unreliable – I’ve had moments where it jammed every other shot in semi-auto. The lowered RPM plus attachable suppressor makes it really good for nighttime raids. Then again…

I’ve been carrying this Vintorez for about as long (picked it up at Agropom) and while the base stats aren’t as good, that could be because I haven’t met any mechanics that can accurised sniper rifles yet. The above two are pretty much equal in terms of silent plinking, but it’s been pretty damn hard to find ammo for the Vintorez.

And now I’ve got this into the mix. After a firefight between some mercenaries and me (and Freedom backing up), I found them all carrying LR300’s, all of which were modified with scopes and/or suppressors.

So now, I’ve got three rifles, all silent, and all very accurate. I’ve already modded the LR300 to use 5.45mm Soviet, so ammo is not a concern. Carrying all three is overkill (on my weight limit). Should I drop my Vintorez and keep the two assault rifles, or drop one of the decked-out rifles in the hopes that the Vintorez can get really good upgrades later?





  1. #1 by oni-kun on May 11, 2009 - 4:15 am

    I know what you mean about this!, I carried similar be it vintorez/groza/modified AK-74SU.

    Vintorez I luckily found enough ammo to use as I pick out enemies accurately It seems to be the best for me, I’ve never found the accuracy bad on that. The groza was for firepower/grenade launcher which i’d use for the masses of enemies.

    AK-74.. Don’t know why I kept that, but I had 2000+ 5.56 ammo left and I’d love to use that on those pesky mutants instead of wasting my ammo.

    I kept all of them all the way through,they’re useful.

  2. #2 by Jin on May 11, 2009 - 7:28 am

    I can never find enough ammo for the Vintorez to justify using it – it’s a good gun, but I never snipe at (really) long ranges, so I never had a need for it.

    And yeah, I picked up a Groza later, so I ended up using LR300+Groza for the rest of the game.

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