A Fallout 3 Moment : distress

“My family and I have taken refuge inside a drainage tube not too far from the relay tower outside D.C.”

“My boy is very sick and needs medical assistance.”

“Please help if you can.”


Let’s speak frankly; this sort of ending was already hinted towards when I first got close enough to hear the radio signal. In other words, it’s predictable. However, it did give me a stir, even though I knew it was coming. It was a simple chain of events, and it worked well.

In a time when games are increasingly reliant on the “sandbox world” feature-slash-gimmick, this sort of little encounter serves to highlight the fact that ‘freedom’ is a relative(ly restricted) term in gaming, and very few things can match a scripted narrative.

PS: I don’t think it needs to be said that I looted what little they had left anyway. I mean really, you never know when this stuff’s useful. For one, I’ve been looking for a toy car for a while now; I need it to cobble up a Dart Gun.


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