Fallout 3 : Operation Anchorage

While I’ll be the first to admit that military shooters – everything from America’s Army to Red Orchestra and ArmA to Faces of War – is “my sort of bag” (baby), the absolute most fun I had in Fallout 3‘s new Downloadable Content pack Operation: Anchorage was after I was actually done said questline.

(I would put a relevant screenshot here, but it was engaging enough that I totally forgot, and I’m not buggered enough to start a whole new character just for one pic.)

It was very fun, of course, gallery of bugs like its daddy notwithstanding, especially the first mission, “The Guns of Anchorage,” which makes me wish the game would let me use a red beret. And who could forget that memorable boss fight at the end when the Chinese General ran after you with a glowing electric sword? Me, I just backpedalled and tossed mines everywhere, then Gauss’d him at my leisure while his half-dead snarling corpse limped over. But I did save the last 1/20th of his health for my trusty Trench Knife.

But the fun really began after the questline ended and you were back in the ‘reality’ of the Wasteland, where you could get your hands on some of that exclusive antique equipment which functions better than the contemporary stuff, like the Chinese Stealth Armor – which when combined with the Shock Sword turns you into one badass Cyborg Ninja (or Chinese equivalent) – or Gauss Rifle.

Like so.

I went into the simulation at level 5 or so and came out level 7, so I still have plenty of time to play around with this stuff, the uncontested favourite of which is the aforementioned Stealth Armor, worn in the sim by the Crimson Dragoons (Chinese Black-Ops types with friggin’ swords) which generates a limited ‘stealth field’ when you use Sneak. Read: Active Camouflage. A permanent Stealth Boy? Hell yeah.

(Sam Fisher?!)

Sure, the character I played this with sucks at Sneak – in comparison, my first character could still reliably stealth-kill Enclave soldiers at the end of the game – but I might consider boosting that over the next few levels just to mess around with this awesome piece of equipment.

The winterised T-51b comes a close second for sheer badassness, though it’s a shame you can’t get the snow camo Combat Armor in ‘real life’ without cheating.

To misquote Zero Punctuation, the equipment alone (or should I say only the equipment) is worth “several barrels of particularly whimsical monkeys.”


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