U.N. Owen insanity

Late as usual, etc.

In this case, nooooooooo difference whatsoever.

The man’s right – no words can describe this. Though to be honest, my primary motivation for playing Touhou is the music.

PS: And as a pointless note, this was linked to from Flandre’s article.

PPS: By the way, a mix that does the song justice (without feeling too different) (Brain fart, it already is the version used in the above. Still, COOL&CREATE goodness):

Now I must leave before I fanboy any further.

PPPS: (Sudden Flandre affinity!)

Speaking of which, I have never cleared Flandre’s stage, ever – Sakuya already makes my fingers twitch…

PPPPS: What’s with all the Touhou all of a sudden? Shrug.

Haven’t gotten around to playing it yet, but… um, Subterranean Animism looks hard.



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