Operation7 : Single Redeeming Factor Exemplar

SWAT officers decorate the main menu, for inexplicable reasons.

There is a fairly new – as in, less than half the years of the juggernauts – MMOFPS in the market, the free shooter Operation7 by… a Korean studio which I don’t know (Park Esm?). As might be expected from the Koreans, Op7 is incredibly addictive despite some – let’s be honest here – very stupid design decisions.

Gameplay, despite the self-proclaimed ‘new style of MMOFPS’, is consistent with the likes of Counter-Strike and Battlefield, with your usual mixup of Deathmatch, Survival (round-based Deathmatch), Bomb Plant (one team plants, the other defuses), Headhunting (kill the other team’s VIP), Territory (hoist up your flags and pull down your enemy’s), and possibly others I’m not aware of.

MP5 with full stock, foregrip, 15-round magazines and red-dot sights.

Poor netcode and glitches aside, let’s talk about the most fundamental problem: the unnecessarily frustrating grinding.

While in most games with leveling (and by extension, grinding) you could expect some form of return with every level gained – as a sort of pat-on-the-back – Operation7 have zero incentive for doing so. Oh sure, you save up Gold to buy new guns and parts (more on that later) and certain milestones grant you access to new weapons, but it takes far, far too long.

None of these will be available to you for quite some time… unless you buy them with real money.

Simple point is, new equipment is way too expensive. I understand that the dev team wants people to shell out actual sweaty feed-kids-able cash to buy new content, but then you end up with the situation where you save up for two to three levels on average to buy a new part, and probably twice that to buy a new gun. For a game where the firearms are the biggest attractions, it’s odd (but financially reasonable) that getting your hands on them takes so much bloody effort. If nothing else, this is definitely something that’ll drive off the more casual players.

(Then again, who am I kidding, they’re obviously looking to sink their hooks into the addicts who will spend actual money to dress up like a cowboy, not to mention actual in-game benefits like health boosts, armour, and special ammo. But I digress.)

Point of the point is, Operation7‘s business model is stereotypically and despicably Asian (and I should know) – most interested in earning the initial profit with little concern for the existing fanbase. It’s very easy to lose interest in this game due to the stagnation of the gameplay, and you would have to really, really like it to stay on the bandwagon. Can the waves of naive newcomers with holes in their pockets be enough to keep the studio going? Who knows.

Weapons Menu. The game’s origin leads to some epically hilarious and grating English. “My ears are always hearing, and my eyes are always seeing! Don’t let me see you, or I will kill you!”

Pseudo-business analysis aside, the single redeeming feature of the game is most definitely (and obviously) the guns. What really sets Operation7 apart is the large amount of customisation available for weapons. I don’t mean basic offerings like Call of Duty 4; I mean barrels, forestocks, trigger groups, sights, magazines, stocks, buttplates. You can even apply camouflage for each individual part. The fact that this game is mildly endorsed by OPERATORchan does give it some video game equivalent of street cred.

Despite any of the game’s flaws, the addicting gameplay and the depth of weapon customisation makes it at least worth a try. There are great features – the Weapons Range which lets you try out every gun and every part regardless of level or cost requirements – balanced by idiotic features – you can’t sell old guns or parts, nor can you change a part’s camo pattern – but hey, it’s free (for now).

Catch me online (nick: Carazor) and you can totally own me and my sexy AK74, or whatever I happen to be using.

Green tiger stripes on the scope. C’mon.


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  1. #1 by EykeePortiSeben on February 10, 2010 - 3:19 am

    This game is totally an addiction. The first thing that comes into my mind about this game is like Counter Strike. But what is really interesting here is that you can customize your gun.

    I totally agree with you, this game is stagnant with regards to the gameplay just like any other shooting game.

    “I will take off their Generalisiac, his head is mine!”

    Am I right with that term “Generalisiac”? hahaha! lol! coz I can’t clearly hear that grating when it’s Head Hunting. πŸ˜›

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