Operation 7 : the better they are…

EDIT: The picture below is what happens when I’m bored on a Saturday morning.

Far from all the parts available to the AK user.

I mentioned in the actual coverage-like thing that I found Op7 to be very satisfying. And naturally, the better something is, the more apparent the misses become.

Note that this is purely nitpicking or griping on my part.

1) I can customise equipment… why can’t I customise loadout?

Two rounds for the grenade launcher? Why can’t i drop one of my AK mags and take another grenade?

What if I wanted to bring more than one part onto the field? While it wouldn’t be quite feasible to change from, say, a sniping scope to a night scope, I can thread on a suppressor or change from a 20-round mag to a 30-round, can’t I?

2) Why can’t I rechamber weapons?

More ammo than guns to use them with.

Stupendously obvious. Why can’t I convert a UMP45 to 9×19, or a AK to 5.56×45? Minor point, but valid.

A similar problem exists in that you can’t share parts, even those that would make sense. My M4 has picatinny rails, with a EOTech sight mounted on top. But you can’t just take it off and slap it onto your Type-89; no, you have to buy the exact same part to use it on the Type-89. And to top it off, the Type-89 uses picatinny rails, too.

3) Why can’t I customise secondary weapons?

Want a silencer, or extended mag? Too bad, suckers!

Rather odd, seeing as one of the game’s main attractions is weapon customisation.

4) Why is the anti-cheat such an utter failure?

One of the most annoying hacks; he can shoot you, you can’t shoot him.

Currently the biggest issue I can find in the online play – the prevalence of hackers. Almost every other game you enter will have someone walking (and killing) under the floor, or turning invisible, or getting headshots from across the map while firing without sights with a pistol, or pre-firing around corners because he knew exactly where you were, and most likely, a host of other hacks I’m not aware of.

This annoys me more than anything else, because I get accused of hacking very often. If anti-cheat was implemented better, then players wouldn’t be so damn paranoid – wouldn’t take the “guilty until proven innocent” stance and kick at the slightest provocation. Of course, that’s assuming the room actually cares enough to kick – and the relative impossibility of getting three-quarters of players to agree becomes apparent very quickly.

Here’s something funny: I have two penalties against me, because I’ve been kicked while in-game before. But simply kicking from the room while “readying” means nothing, as you would get no penalties and can join any other game immediately. And people apparently don’t realise this.


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