Loquacious Summations: Red Faction Guerrilla

Mason Demolitions, land-clearing solutions.

I’ll start this off by saying I haven’t played previous Red Faction games before, though I’ve heard of the series’ tendency towards mass destruction of property. I’ve been looking around for a solid, fast-paced third person shooter for a while now, and Red Faction Guerrilla performs more or less adequately.

The cover system, apparently a requirement for any self-respecting shooter these days.

Red Faction Guerrilla is focused on one thing: exploding fun. A standard hovering camera, a cover system that only works half the time, and a lineup of increasingly big guns. The sprawling-to-a-point landscape is bland and brown and Martian. All of this are here to support the main attraction, which can technically be split into two attractions: explosions, and destroying buildings, most likely with explosions.

Like how Dead Space used mining equipment as horrible mutilation devices, here they are used as, well, what they’re supposed to be – implements of destruction.

All of them.

It’s very simple. If you:

A) don’t mind the pointless grasping at storytelling when it could’ve done perfectly fine without it


B) want to see things break and crumble and blow apart and break violently

then this game plays out fine. It’s stress relief; if you feel the need for some tension release (or anger management) after a hard week at work, then wanton destruction simulators like Guerrilla and Prototype would be satisfying for the duration of its playthrough. Then it will be promptly forgotten, as its mediocrity gives it absolutely zero staying power.

That’s me in the giant robot, walking through a building.

Because it’s by nature a repetitive game. There’s little difference between demolishing one building and the next, aside from the scale, and in the end, it goes from “Awesome!” to “Meh” and from there to “what a chore” disturbingly quickly. The actual shooting bits of combat are otherwise gripping, however, and the relative fragility of the player character means that each obstacle should be pre-planned beyond ‘blow up everything’, and good reaction and aim are necessities.

You will see your sprawled corpse a lot, most likely tossed by an explosion you didn’t expect.

tl;dr – Solid enough to be an underdog entry on the level of Hidden & Dangerous 2. But it’s… not.

Real men do it with hammers. Big ones.

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