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U.N. Owen insanity

Late as usual, etc.

In this case, nooooooooo difference whatsoever.

The man’s right – no words can describe this. Though to be honest, my primary motivation for playing Touhou is the music.

PS: And as a pointless note, this was linked to from Flandre’s article.

PPS: By the way, a mix that does the song justice (without feeling too different) (Brain fart, it already is the version used in the above. Still, COOL&CREATE goodness):

Now I must leave before I fanboy any further.

PPPS: (Sudden Flandre affinity!)

Speaking of which, I have never cleared Flandre’s stage, ever – Sakuya already makes my fingers twitch…

PPPPS: What’s with all the Touhou all of a sudden? Shrug.

Haven’t gotten around to playing it yet, but… um, Subterranean Animism looks hard.


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Bloody fast

Oh Jesus, thank you Hong Kong broadband. Of course, I still have to wait for a damn serial key, and been doing so for the past eight, sleepless hours. Thanks for the unreasonable requests, Dad.

EDIT: Well apparently, the key is only available to MSDN subscribers? [/facepalm + reading comprehension 101]


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At last, a PRC win both public and moral

…in the form of a plug-in hybrid auto.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m jumping to conclusions a bit too quickly. But this brings up something I heard recently…

Luxury and Fashion Goods
America: Made in China
Canada: Made in China
China: Made in Italy

PS: And just for hilarity; US nuclear bomb lab develops ‘self-warming’ hand cream, and China Hosts Realistic-Looking Olympics.

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Men scientifically proven to be weaker sex

According to them, anyway.

Now, how the end of the world turns out is still up in the air, but in the short term, all I’m seeing is, “more women for less men.”

Too bad, androgynous men of the future.


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Windows 7 "won't need" a dedicated 3D accelerator

Oh, Microsoft, what the fuck.

About two years late, eh?

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Snippets : October slash-and-dotting

Because you can never have too many links to material not written by yourself.

Oct.28 Unrelatedness: Y’know, I’ve suddenly found out that slashdotting is an actual term. Good thing I didn’t put that in the title…

Scientists report experiments showing black holes cannot be ‘naked’

That is, a black hole can never lose the event horizon. Basically, you can never see the actual singularity. I guess this is comforting for when the “micro black hole” scenario at the LHC wins out and the Earth collapses from gravitational overkill.

African continent to be divided by new ocean in 10 million years

This would be more relevant if humans can even survive the zombie apocalypse, deadly global pandemic, alien invasion, rise of the machines, second coming, the day after tomorrow, and all the ‘mayhaps’ shit thrown at us.

Deux Ex 3 details revealed

In keeping with the pessimism, this is rather foreboding. Eidos Montreal seem to be trying to streamline the game into another Call of Duty-style shooter, even though gameplay complexity and freedom was pretty much the whole point of Deus Ex, AKA THE BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER EVER (ahem). Now it just sounds like STALKER (or possibly Crysis), but without the gritty atmosphere or the awesome environment, respectively.

And no, no matter how surprisingly good this becomes, the diehards will hate it.

And now, something completely different: my two-month-old entry on Mirai Fukuin has somehow catapulted into my top-five posts in the last week. What the.

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The LHC Will Kill Us All, Possibility #245

From Slashdot:

Physicists have been playing with Bose Einstein Condensate (BECs) for over 10 years now. But in 2001, one group discovered that placing them in a powerful magnetic field could cause the attractive forces between atoms to become repulsive.


This was little more than a curiosity when only a microscopic blob of cold matter was involved. But superfluid liquid helium is also BEC. And physicists have suddenly remembered that the LHC is swimming in 700,000 liters of the stuff while being zapped by some of the most powerful magnetic fields on the planet. So is the LHC a Bose supernova waiting to go off? Not according to the CERN theory division, which has published its calculations that show the LHC is safe. They also point out that no other superfluid helium handling facility has mysteriously blown itself to pieces.

All right, move along, nothing to see here. But if an Earth-shattering kaboom – or kaphumf, in the case of black holes – does occur you’ll be sure to find us apologising from our fleeing private space shuttles.

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