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Life Pending

Certain overlapping issues AFK prevents me from writing anything bloody worth writing. That’s what happen when I don’t have a strict writing schedule. Blah.

On the other hand, I’ve been using time leftover to play a game I got recently: Dawn of War 2. An opinion of that should come fairly soon.


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K(C?)orea – I don't know where to start

YouTube Cripples Own Site to Evade Korean Law

I know, there’s an article also on the front page about a Muslim man paying assassins to kill his own daughter for wearing a miniskirt, but this is more relatable (at least until the next the holy war sweeps into Hong Kong for some reason). Many things I want to comment on – selective perception, blatant prejudice, blind zealousness – but there’s enough of the ‘grain of truth’ in the whole ordeal that I just want to do the usual routine.

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McRoll the sequel

I don’t usually catch meme mutation much (late or otherwise)… but you have got to be fucking kidding me.

(Though I think this can be easily taken as Flandre’s canonical personality. And what was Wriggle doing in there?)

EDIT: And just to prove nothing is sacred (or too late to post), Mystia’s version.

This just makes me hate Mystia’s Spell Cards even more. But not as much as I hate myself for not being able to resist posting these damn things. Aaaargh.


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Looking back

The archive says December 2006, but “Terminal Days @ WordPress” really got started around November of ’07 (what with all the imported posts from Blogger). Now, 12 and a half months and 163 posts later, I guess it’s time to mark its one-year birthday. Or something, whatever.

The annoying half of my life – the weak-flesh-and-hale-blood part – is rather malignant at the moment, but at least this blog hasn’t changed much.


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Not the usual kind of godsend

While the amount of time my computer is using P2P is about the same as, say, a dedicated 14hr/day job, I don’t use DDL for big files much.

Anyway, we recently got a 100mbit/s connection. This is coming from a guy who’s been using regular Ethernet for the past six months, mind.

I mean, if this doesn’t justify a “holy shit”…

(Also yes, not much to write about…)

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Nuffin' to write home about

Aside from my continuing Japanese self-study (via playing Fate/stay night, reading Negima!, and attempting to translate… tons of stuff, while having a dictionary nearby and online to cross-reference) I’m still working out the kinks of continuing my education, and kinda-sorta looking for a job in the meantime. So not much time for personal blogging, or writing in general. Sigh.

I’ll hand it to Shirou to jam up some space.


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President Bush says "PANIC!"

Oh god i lol’d.

One of the better articles from The Onion recently.

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