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Decadence : the gaming "experience"

I know what you mean, but designers are catering to casualfags now, meaning “the game is supposed to be an experience” not be difficult or challenging, but just an experience. Casualfags don’t like to have to manage their health or ammo or anything like that. It isn’t entertaining enough for them.

Jamming in America’s Army is laughable. From what I saw there was no actual fouling or getting dirty, shit only just randomly jammed… which is half right but half wrong. A well-cleaned M4 should still be able to run a few mags on average before causing problems.

I’d love to be able to customize each weapon with the level of detail I can tweak my car in Need for Speed. I want to be able to replace every part. Titanium firing pins for faster lock-time, replace my barrel with a shorter one, replace my 1911’s slide with one that’s been custom fit to my frame for a thousand credits… all to improve my virtual patterns by a fraction of an inch… Kids do just as in-depth and detailed stuff in games like WOW… why not make one with guns and shit?

The paradox that is the Internet has delivered unto me something about video gaming culture from (of all places) /k/, the dedicated weapons board that despises vidya gaems. Oh, the irony.

I’m not too into the culture of my hobbies; “people are idiotic” seems to be the M.O. when it comes to online communities, which also happens to be where the biggest ‘communities’ are. It took something like this, from a anti-casual-gaming collective, to bring me to realise this fully: developers are looking for faster, flashier, and more fun.

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An answer to "How many five-year-old's can you take in a fight?", and more

Twenty-three, apparently.

Funnily enough, I found this site in a thread right below the one about MORTAL KOMBAT on 4chan’s /k/. According to them, I am also 54% geek. A bit disappointing, really.

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