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Loquacious Summations : Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

I really am random with my posting topics, aren’t I. Manly soldiers and jailbaiting lolis on one page.

“What made Ghost Recon one of the greatest shooters of all times was the fact that you were a soldier. The fact that you can jump between your soldiers meant that none of them stand out; your entire hand-picked squad was equally special. This feeling of being a faceless grunt but also something of a veteran leader was very unique, and I have yet to play a game that has replicated this feel. […] Ghost Recon constantly reminds you that you are not ‘better’; you are a regular guy, even if your command the squad. It’s not your job to get medals (though you do get quite a few of them) but to do missions and keep your mates alive.”

– me circa 2007
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