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WALL-E – Ahnimayshion? Guud?!

Second movie of the month, WALL-E. As it was a fairly good film, I’ll do the usual and not say much (despite my rather long The Dark Knight entry where I made the same assurance).

When I said that,

it was a fairly good film

no doubt some will dismiss the thought of Disney/Pixar doing anything right these days as impossible. Romps like Finding Nemo were good for a watch or two, but hardly new and exciting ventures; maybe a brief tingle of heartwarming, but no more.

WALL-E is, in fact, very similar to those lines. The same for-the-whole-family approach, the similar type of humour, et cetera. What really redeemed the whole ordeal was the lack of actual voices throughout most of the film, instead using body language to communicate; the soundtrack worked as a decent punctuation as well.

The themes were somewhat ironic in that it presented the evils of abusing technology, megacorporations, and globalizations with an iron fist, typical of how the Disney – or more popularly, DI$NEY – has the tendency to break their own Aesop by being a large, world-spanning empire.

But in any case, it is still a watchable film and at the very least, a good distraction from the dearth of adrenalin-fueled escapades that no doubt plague the summer theatres at the moment.


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