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Pre-Halloween gaming snippets

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Sony opens the PS2 platform
Aside from the PS2’s age, perhaps PS3 sales aren’t quite reaching Sony’s expectations? Personally, if the PS2’s price drops any lower, I might just think about picking one up (like, half a decade late). If only for Fate/unlimited codes.

New Elder Scrolls in 2010 (tentative)
I really like the Elder Scrolls games – note the link to Mr. Livingston’s Oblivion blog on the left right (layout got changed) – even though they’re rarely released in a state that ensures good long-term gameplay without several dozen mods on your load-list. Comparatively, Oblivion and Morrowind were pretty much equal; Oblivion takes less time to get boring, but Morrowind is more broken and less intuitive in general. Hopefully, Bethesda will take a hint from Ubisoft* and churn out a Elder Scrolls V that combines the best of the previous games.

* “…take a hint from Ubisoft.” Wow. I’m not going to be repeating that any time soon.


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