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Snippets : October slash-and-dotting

Because you can never have too many links to material not written by yourself.

Oct.28 Unrelatedness: Y’know, I’ve suddenly found out that slashdotting is an actual term. Good thing I didn’t put that in the title…

Scientists report experiments showing black holes cannot be ‘naked’

That is, a black hole can never lose the event horizon. Basically, you can never see the actual singularity. I guess this is comforting for when the “micro black hole” scenario at the LHC wins out and the Earth collapses from gravitational overkill.

African continent to be divided by new ocean in 10 million years

This would be more relevant if humans can even survive the zombie apocalypse, deadly global pandemic, alien invasion, rise of the machines, second coming, the day after tomorrow, and all the ‘mayhaps’ shit thrown at us.

Deux Ex 3 details revealed

In keeping with the pessimism, this is rather foreboding. Eidos Montreal seem to be trying to streamline the game into another Call of Duty-style shooter, even though gameplay complexity and freedom was pretty much the whole point of Deus Ex, AKA THE BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER EVER (ahem). Now it just sounds like STALKER (or possibly Crysis), but without the gritty atmosphere or the awesome environment, respectively.

And no, no matter how surprisingly good this becomes, the diehards will hate it.

And now, something completely different: my two-month-old entry on Mirai Fukuin has somehow catapulted into my top-five posts in the last week. What the.


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So… I’m going to clean the archive out. Too much embarassing stuff in there that’s best unrpublished. If I ever have time, I’ll rewrite them, but most likely, I’ll be keeping them to myself.

EDIT: Wow… that just knocked about 60 entries off the counter. Damn, I suck.

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