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A Pitch following a previous : Faces of Full Spectrum Storm Heroes of War

“Comrade Strechkov has reached level 50!”

A comment on my old Faces of War entry prompted me to write this. Basically, “Call of Duty floaty head” was connected with “Faces of War” rather than “Silent Storm in real-time or Full Spectrum Warrior in WWII” like I wanted to. Which is why I was reminded of the reason why felt the need to pitch it in the first place.

(Warning: Game fanwanking ahead.)

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Third-Person Wargaming – Silent Storm & Faces of War

Been hellishly busy for the last 2 weeks (projects and assignments, tests) so didn’t really have time to write anything.

Anyway, in the interim, I got two strategy games – Silent Storm (S^2… they probably didn’t want to call it ‘SS’) and Faces of War.

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