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Fate unlimited codes : PC PORT WHERE

Triple post!

Linked: Hot Saber Alter x Saber Lily action.

Considering Act Cadenza is still installed on my comp, I have quite a bit of expectation for the likely unlimited codes Windows (or whatever they append on the end). Above video certainly didn’t ease that… Ilya the announcer (I’m in agreement with the “cuteness overwhelming” comments), and one hell of a Saber/Saber Alter player. Ending a combo with Vortigern looks really badass no matter how many times it’s done – not to mention the Vader-choke finish.

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Fate/unlimited codes PS2 : they have enough swords

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. So here’s another Youtube run, with some awesome music (a remix of Mighty Wind from Realta Nua, I believe).


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Fate / unlimited codes PS2 – lovin' 'em polearms

I have to admit, while Leysritt was surprising enough, it never occurred to me that Illyasviel or Diarmuid would be secret characters.

But why “Zero Lancer”? I mean, I know why (the Lancer from Fate/Zero, duh) but what’s wrong with “Diarmuid”? Ah, whatever.

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Fate / unlimited codes PS2 : upper moar

Another Trailer is up for the PS2 port-cum-upgrade-pack.

Aside from the usual package – new moves (Lancer finally gets his damn runes), five new characters (Bazett, Saber Alter, Leysritt, plus two yet unrevealed), cosmetics and aesthetics – the big surprise is what looks to be a whole new fleshed-out Story Mode that follows the routes in the game, and probably (hopefully?) others scripted by Nasu. I mean… damn I want a PS2 now.

As for the ever-popular discussion of secret characters… okay, so Leysritt was completely unexpected. Of the remaining two slots, going by popular demand, it would be Avenger and Iskander/Alexander. Though, left field being still filled with possibilities – like, say, True Assassin? Kuzuki? Someone (else) from the 4th? Issei?? DEFEATED SECUREDLY!-kun Shiki??? Arrrgh. – it’s hard to tell until CAPCOM actually comes out and says it.

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Fate/unlimited codes – PS2 Trailer

How appropriate that my first entry after a long period of inactivity is news about unlimited codes. Anyway, following up on the previous blurb – like a month ago – the new trailer for the PS2 version is out. As usual, notes of interest:

* New characters Bazett and Saber Alter (aka Black Saber)

* Looks like Bazett plays like Kirei except with glowing fists (her runes). One of her counters is, obviously, Fragarach, which works like Saber’s Avalon, blocking the enemy’s attacks plus dealing damage back.

* Archer finally gets his own Kanshou & Bakuya combo (unless that was already in, I’ve never seen it before) – Archer’s original version of the triple-strike that Shirou derived his own from. Actually, it’s a lot duller than Shirou’s, since he basically just swings three times… but Overedge is pretty awesome. Okay never mind, apparently it is already in. Huh.

* Black Saber is badass, that is all. Also, she has some sort of Vader-esque telekinetic choke move using, er, the curse-mud? Oh, and the two Excaliblasts can cancel each other out.

* Continuing on replicating scenes from the games, Lancer and Bazett effs each other up when Fragarach is used against Gae Bolg – they even keep the whole ‘Fragarach strikes but Gae Bolg ‘twists’ around it and keeps going’ CG sequence from hollow ataraxia.

So, with Black Saber in, I guess we’ll get some more unique scenes when she fights Rider or Shirou. Are there going to be more alternate outfits, or is Saber Lily just going to replace the white dress? (Hoping on the former.)

Now, secret character. It’s possible that there wouldn’t be one, but my guess would be True Assassin, Kuzuki, or Avenger. Of course, I don’t think anyone expected Luvia, either, so it could be completely from the left field… like Fuji-nee. Or Caren. Or Kiritsugu, or Irisiviel. It’s pretty hard to tell.

Fate/unlimited codes PS2 (what, they’re not putting some weird subtitle to it?) will be out December 18th.

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Fate/unlimited codes – new additions

Bazett’s in the PS2 version. Black Saber too, apparently.

(Nothing much to write about.)

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Fate / unlimited codes : naked yandere sighted

To follow up on beforeDark Sakura has landed. And Fujinon has just arrived, too, great timing.

(Others in the series: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. I might have gotten the order wrong.)

Dark Sakura certainly has some… interesting… attacks. Incredibly, the jiggle is even bigger for Sakura than for Rider, as can be seen in the first link (a complete coincidence, by the way).

And apparently, the last boss for Sakura’s route is Sakura. Wait, what? The other Sakura does a move where the ‘ropes’ that cover the shoulders unlatches, ties the opponent down, and drags them into a pool of Angra Mainyu inky goodness. Then Sakura sort of… flaps around on it like a grounded seal.


Archer does a Rho Aias @ ~1:00 mark. Completely blocks a minor blast from Excalibur.


Very good Archer vs Rider. UBW finisher.

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