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Finally registered for Nico Nico Douga (and unlimited codes endings)

(This is just filler while I wait out the ridiculously long, eh, acquisition of Tsuukaku Zanryuu. Hell if I know why my connection has such perfect timing.)

It was surprisingly easy to get an account; I was wondering if I should use the Taiwan page to do it, but it turned out that was unnecessary. Basically, I hit the big “Register” button next to the logon bit (where most Register buttons generally go), filled in a page, got on Gmail, and verified it.

Mainly I just did it for the Fate/unlimited codes endings; Shirou, Saber, Caster, Rider, Lancer, and Gilgamesh.

Speaking of which, has nobody unlocked Hassan yet? (Oh wait, there is no Hassan in this one.) Or Sakura for that matter.

PS: Kirei, Archer, and Berserker. Also, “Epic Shirou”.

(Okay, I’m done spamming links now.)

PPS: Rin ending, with cuddly Archer (oh God did I just say that). Thanks Mini.


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Fate / unlimited codes : overly long gag

“Why are you still doing this YouTube crap?!”


Kirei vs. Archer

It scares me how good these people have gotten. Also, Archer fires Hrunting. It leaves the screen and KO’s Kirei two seconds later.

Also – and I probably should’ve asked this earlier – why does Gil swing around Ea like that? What happened to the too-holy-for-mongrels clause?

Rin vs. Kirei

Otherwise generic, but apparently, one of Kirei’s alternate outfits is Kiritsugu’s trench coat and shirt. Also, Kirei shows off another Angra Mainyu release combo.

On the topic of alternate outfits, some we really need:

– Kirei: muscle shirt (as in, the one he wore at the end of Heaven’s Feel)
– Shiro: “my body is made of swords” (same as above)
– Sakura: the bloodied pink dress (or possibly the leather from the anime)
– Rin: Ruby, duh
– Saber: the black suit (if they’re saving Black Saber for the next iteration)
– Archer: without his mantle

(Think I’ve already seen a Rider with the Gorgon dress…)

Caster vs. Luvia

Some of Caster’s spells (like Ten no Hikari) are really interesting. But I know we’re all here for the Luvia wub.

Her Gandr attacks are even crazier than Rin’s, with a literal machine-gun spam as a combo (kind of like that man in Negima! who fires Sagitta Magica off his fingers).

It’s hilarious how she fights, though, like a funnier Rin. When she does that flying kick she actually holds her dress down. And that Gandr-powered bitch-slap… lol. And the sit-on-your-opponent-elegantly-then-blast-them-in-the-face.

But on a somewhat more serious note, what exactly is she hitting with? It makes that weird jewel ‘ting’ that Rin has, but there’s no jewel counter. But a lot of her moves does an odd sparkle, though Kirei has that for his kicks too. What kind of magecraft is she using?

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Fate / unlimited codes : rounding out

More good combos from Archer, Shirou, Kirei, and Lancer.

(Or go to YouTube and watch the HQ version.)

Emiya vs. EMIYA

Interesting to see how different the two’s movesets are despite using very similar weapons; there are two seperate occasions where they each throw their pair of Kanshou&Bakuya and they clash midair. Also, finally an Archer who spams his bow, including Caladborg.

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Melty Blood : Actress Again OP (and some unlimited codes musings)

Yes, the random scrolling Engrish and bludgeoning array of dopplegangers are back. Song is nothing special, but the sequence itself is pretty good, better than Act Cadenza‘s.

So, new playable characters Roa and Riesbyfe, three different moveset styles, more air moves, more ways to cancel, bigger stages, EX block, new combos, completely revamped old combos… hell, just remake it in 3D like unlimited codes. (And looking at the OP, they certainly did seem to have done some 3D modeling.)

Now I just need to wait for the Version B (or something) PC port.

PS: As for who the extra boss character will be this time… hell, even Roa is back, so who knows. Fate characters are probably out, since they’ll most likely be saving them for unlimited codes (and that’s probably the start of another long series of fighting games by itself).

Personally, I’d like to see a left-field Merem (a lot of characters have summons or similar as it is) or Ryougi with sword, or other characters who are potentials for Tsukihime 2. Of course, it could just be another Neco variant.

Finally seeing Arihiko in it would be pretty hilarious too.

Speaking of which, it’ll be interesting if unlimited codes can extend to hollow ataraxia and Zero. Bazett slugging it out with Kirei, or Lancelot against Heracles, or the two Lancers… damn.

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Fate / unlimited codes : shaping up

Combos combos combos.

b0rken Kirei vs. Unlimited Blade Works
Archer with bow getting wailed on is pretty funny.

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Fate / unlimited codes : it's really fast

Title says it all. The gameplay is fast.

(And these are just about the only videos where Archer does not suck. But he still doesn’t get to use Unlimited Blade Works.)

Lancer vs Saber, Archer vs Saber, Archer vs Berserker

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unlimited codes is out

Hello thar.

Well, anyway, now that it’s out, it’ll probably be like, a year before I write about it again. As in, when the PC port comes out. Hyping official over. Woo~

(Something must’ve been wrong with me; three four consecutive entries about something which I won’t be playing.)


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