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K(C?)orea – I don't know where to start

YouTube Cripples Own Site to Evade Korean Law

I know, there’s an article also on the front page about a Muslim man paying assassins to kill his own daughter for wearing a miniskirt, but this is more relatable (at least until the next the holy war sweeps into Hong Kong for some reason). Many things I want to comment on – selective perception, blatant prejudice, blind zealousness – but there’s enough of the ‘grain of truth’ in the whole ordeal that I just want to do the usual routine.

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Suicide? In my MySpace? More likely that you think

Prosecutors claim she created the persona of a 16-year-old boy to flirt with and then cruelly spurn her neighbour’s daughter, Megan Meier. The 13-year-old hanged herself in the wake of the rejection and a message on her MySpace profile that said “The world would be a better place without you”.

– Article at The Register

There are many thing wrong about this case, and despite my best efforts, also many things worthy of a chuckle and facepalm. While it was ridiculous for a 40-year-old mother to taunt her next-door neightbour’s daughter using a MySpace account, identity theft and insults are two things the Internet are likely not going to run out of any time soon.

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General Knowledge Required

Aren’t snakes cold-blooded animals? Why do they show up on thermal vision?

-the Internet

It’s little things like this that add up over time and increase my distrust of the capabilities of the common masses. Whatever happened to those general fields of information which are required for an individual to move through society without, I dunno, making an ass of themselves? At least look it up or something before opening your braincase.

Or maybe my expectations are just too high.


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