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Melty Blood Actress Again PS2 trailers


Aside from showing the new “School Uniform Akiha” and of course, Ryougi, there’s also… never mind, there’s nothing. So yeah, I’m still confused why School Akiha must be a new playable character rather than just, say, a new sprite set for regular Akiha, but whatever. Well, at least there’s a Kara no Kyoukai stage (the forest in front of the Ryougi mansion, complete with the ‘fight’ BGM).

They’re .mpg files compressed in .zip’s, so you have to download them – yes, all 15 seconds of it. Just like downloading pr0n back in the 90’s, amirite?

(I’m really doing a lot of these “ohemgee, the site’s updated!” entries nowadays, aren’t I? Note to self: stop.)

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Melty Blood Actress Again PS2 : more knives

Actress Again‘s console port – which as I like to bring up, is as inevitable as the setting of the Sun – is due August, with surprises as usual.

Beast’s Lair thread linked.

Bottom right corner: Ryougi Shiki.

(Three guesses on when the PC port will arrive?)

Update: Official site has Ryougi’s moveset. CV: Sakamoto Maaya.

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Hey ma, I'm on the first page!

A friend informed me that my Kara no Kyoukai entry is the first blog entry on a Google search for “Fukan Fuukei” (or the full name). Wow, thanks folks.

[/self-promotion (never gonna happen again, I swear)]

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