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Bloody fast

Oh Jesus, thank you Hong Kong broadband. Of course, I still have to wait for a damn serial key, and been doing so for the past eight, sleepless hours. Thanks for the unreasonable requests, Dad.

EDIT: Well apparently, the key is only available to MSDN subscribers? [/facepalm + reading comprehension 101]



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Windows 7 "won't need" a dedicated 3D accelerator

Oh, Microsoft, what the fuck.

About two years late, eh?

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Dell supporting XP

…by installing XP along with Vista on their machines, despite Microsoft technically no longer allowing that.

For the unfortunate ones who got Vista before Microsoft found out its unpopularity (like me) – time to set up a dual-boot.

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Microsoft abandons the Vista ship

Slashdot article.

Not only is XP’s funeral being delayed, but the next Windows has been announced. They’re just completely ignoring Vista, aren’t they?

PS: Kara no Kyoukai, like, soon-ish.

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