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Melty Blood : Actress Again OP (and some unlimited codes musings)

Yes, the random scrolling Engrish and bludgeoning array of dopplegangers are back. Song is nothing special, but the sequence itself is pretty good, better than Act Cadenza‘s.

So, new playable characters Roa and Riesbyfe, three different moveset styles, more air moves, more ways to cancel, bigger stages, EX block, new combos, completely revamped old combos… hell, just remake it in 3D like unlimited codes. (And looking at the OP, they certainly did seem to have done some 3D modeling.)

Now I just need to wait for the Version B (or something) PC port.

PS: As for who the extra boss character will be this time… hell, even Roa is back, so who knows. Fate characters are probably out, since they’ll most likely be saving them for unlimited codes (and that’s probably the start of another long series of fighting games by itself).

Personally, I’d like to see a left-field Merem (a lot of characters have summons or similar as it is) or Ryougi with sword, or other characters who are potentials for Tsukihime 2. Of course, it could just be another Neco variant.

Finally seeing Arihiko in it would be pretty hilarious too.

Speaking of which, it’ll be interesting if unlimited codes can extend to hollow ataraxia and Zero. Bazett slugging it out with Kirei, or Lancelot against Heracles, or the two Lancers… damn.


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