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Operation 7 : the better they are…

EDIT: The picture below is what happens when I’m bored on a Saturday morning.

Far from all the parts available to the AK user.

I mentioned in the actual coverage-like thing that I found Op7 to be very satisfying. And naturally, the better something is, the more apparent the misses become.

Note that this is purely nitpicking or griping on my part.
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Operation7 : Single Redeeming Factor Exemplar

SWAT officers decorate the main menu, for inexplicable reasons.

There is a fairly new – as in, less than half the years of the juggernauts – MMOFPS in the market, the free shooter Operation7 by… a Korean studio which I don’t know (Park Esm?). As might be expected from the Koreans, Op7 is incredibly addictive despite some – let’s be honest here – very stupid design decisions.

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