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Looking back

The archive says December 2006, but “Terminal Days @ WordPress” really got started around November of ’07 (what with all the imported posts from Blogger). Now, 12 and a half months and 163 posts later, I guess it’s time to mark its one-year birthday. Or something, whatever.

The annoying half of my life – the weak-flesh-and-hale-blood part – is rather malignant at the moment, but at least this blog hasn’t changed much.


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One crazy-prepared scavenger

I’ve been playing Fallout 3, and encountering the classic, “horde everything because something really bad might be around the corner” syndrome that hits every game with inventory management. This is the the problem with games emulating reality – it makes common gaming conventions really bizarre in hindsight. Consider the fact that, at given point in time, my male avatar lugs around four rifles and at least a crate of grenades and mines.

I mean, I don’t even use the Laser Rifle. Or the Sniper Rifle, except for the occasional long-range shot. If something really bad does pop up, it’s far more likely I’ll fast-travel home to fetch my mini-nuke launcher instead.

PS: Damn, post 666. I should’ve saved it for the Silent Hill Homecoming review.


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Not the usual kind of godsend

While the amount of time my computer is using P2P is about the same as, say, a dedicated 14hr/day job, I don’t use DDL for big files much.

Anyway, we recently got a 100mbit/s connection. This is coming from a guy who’s been using regular Ethernet for the past six months, mind.

I mean, if this doesn’t justify a “holy shit”…

(Also yes, not much to write about…)

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Nuffin' to write home about

Aside from my continuing Japanese self-study (via playing Fate/stay night, reading Negima!, and attempting to translate… tons of stuff, while having a dictionary nearby and online to cross-reference) I’m still working out the kinks of continuing my education, and kinda-sorta looking for a job in the meantime. So not much time for personal blogging, or writing in general. Sigh.

I’ll hand it to Shirou to jam up some space.


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Web 2.0 steamroller

Okay, I caved. I got a Facebook account. Let the facepalming commence. Or possibly not.


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Chaos Theory sniper rifle rant, oh my!

The sudden leap in number of entries is a bit jarring for me – guess I just have a lot of say for some reason. Anyway, I finally noticed the new comment that’s been sitting on my Dashboard since August. I rarely get comments as it is so it apparently took me one and a half month to realize and a half more to do something about it.

(Warning: RAAAAGE following.)

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Snippets : October slash-and-dotting

Because you can never have too many links to material not written by yourself.

Oct.28 Unrelatedness: Y’know, I’ve suddenly found out that slashdotting is an actual term. Good thing I didn’t put that in the title…

Scientists report experiments showing black holes cannot be ‘naked’

That is, a black hole can never lose the event horizon. Basically, you can never see the actual singularity. I guess this is comforting for when the “micro black hole” scenario at the LHC wins out and the Earth collapses from gravitational overkill.

African continent to be divided by new ocean in 10 million years

This would be more relevant if humans can even survive the zombie apocalypse, deadly global pandemic, alien invasion, rise of the machines, second coming, the day after tomorrow, and all the ‘mayhaps’ shit thrown at us.

Deux Ex 3 details revealed

In keeping with the pessimism, this is rather foreboding. Eidos Montreal seem to be trying to streamline the game into another Call of Duty-style shooter, even though gameplay complexity and freedom was pretty much the whole point of Deus Ex, AKA THE BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER EVER (ahem). Now it just sounds like STALKER (or possibly Crysis), but without the gritty atmosphere or the awesome environment, respectively.

And no, no matter how surprisingly good this becomes, the diehards will hate it.

And now, something completely different: my two-month-old entry on Mirai Fukuin has somehow catapulted into my top-five posts in the last week. What the.

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