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Splinter Cell Double Agent

I stopped following the Splinter Cell series shortly after Double Agent was announced, because I was convinced that with this new entry, Sam Fisher will join the Ghosts and Rainbow in becoming a completely different beast than what it started out.

After getting a chance to play through a bit of Double Agent, I was bloody right, too.

If Ubisoft had wanted so badly to make a game about double agents, then they could have done so without involving this series. Obviously, this means that Ubisoft felt Splinter Cell needed changing. In conclusion (surprise!), Ubisoft are consisted of ass and byproduct.

Really now. Splinter Cell was the only game series that had done pure stealth remotely well for a good while now. But like how Snake Eater was the peak of Metal Gear Solid, Chaos Theory was the peak of Splinter Cell.

Oh sure, one might say you still sneak around and try to persuade the local guard to look away (with say, a whistle, or a fist) long enough for you to do your thing. The change is in the presentation – there’s just none of that technological spy-wizardry. Hell, forget what I said earlier, there’s no real sneaking, even; it’s no longer about pressing yourself as deep into the shadows as possible, it’s about staying out of the fixed view radius of patrolling drones with less humanism than the computer they guard.

Splinter Cell was the Deus Ex, or Thief, kind of sneaker – the shadow is your ally, because God help you, nothing else on the field is. Beyond all else, the most disappointing aspect of Double Agent was losing this mood, which was so very strong in Chaos Theory. The gameplay mechanics haven’t changed very much, but it doesn’t feel right to use those mechanics anymore.

And let’s not even mention how they took out the full light meter, simplifying to three-colour states. What the fsck.

So, with Splinter Cell succumbed to Ubisoft’s clutches, and Guns of the Patriots ending Metal Gear Solid (though to be fair, the game always seems less about full sneaking then “full sneaking until you get to the point where shooting it out doesn’t matter anymore”), I guess we can bid adieu to pure stealth games for a while.



Chaos Theory sniper rifle rant, oh my!

The sudden leap in number of entries is a bit jarring for me – guess I just have a lot of say for some reason. Anyway, I finally noticed the new comment that’s been sitting on my Dashboard since August. I rarely get comments as it is so it apparently took me one and a half month to realize and a half more to do something about it.

(Warning: RAAAAGE following.)

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Chaos Theory – The Sniper Rifle Doesn't Make Sense

I dunno, maybe I just don’t have enough knowledge with modern/modular firearms designs, but I can never make sense of the sniper attachment to your main assault carbine in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

(Being the ass that I am, I’m trying to put working on my 3 projects as far back as possible – maybe sometime tonight – so I played a bit of Chaos Theory to waste time)

To those who haven’t played SCCT before, I’ll explain. Your primary weapon, the SC-20k, is a modular assault rifle/carbine that can be fitted with a number of underbarrel attachments. The 2 default ones are the foregrip – lets you keep a firmer grip on your weapon, so automatic fire is more stable – and the launcher – basically a nonlethal pneumatic shotgun that fires a variety of gadgets, including mini-cams and tasers.

The other two attachments are mutually exclusive, and choosing either one of them will result in you losing the foregrip attachment for that mission (you can only have 2 attachments during a mission). One of the attachments – the one that makes sense – is an underbarrel shotgun. Basically, it’s a short shotgun attached underneath your rifle’s barrel. It functions exactly like the launcher, except it’s lethal, and mainly for close-combat work when the enemy clearly knows you’re there. Personally, I have only used it once, just to see how useful it is, but seeing as I’m a stealthy player, I would of course pick the other attachment.

The problem is with the second attachment – the sniper attachment. Since SCCT took away the sniper scope from the default SC-20k (you used to be able to zoom up to 4x with the scope on the 20k in previous Splinter Cell games) you now have to actually pick up this attachment to properly snipe long-distance enemies. Adding a scope on is fine and all, but the problem is with the concept of it.

Basically, you can only fire the ‘sniper attachment’ (14mm I think) while zoomed in. However, you can fire the regular carbine (with the 5.56mm rounds) while zoomed out. That would indicate some kind of dual trigger, if that’s possible. The problem is that the sniping equipment is attached underneath the barrel, so unless they made a really short carbine into an effective sniping weapon, the SC-20k should be twice its usual length with the sniper attachment on. The attachment does add a bit of stuff that covers the muzzle of the actual carbine barrel, but all that means is that the suppressor is disabled.

The correct way for this to work would be that you swap out the 5.56 magazine for a 14mm magazine, then the attachment extends the barrel so that it becomes an effective – and loud – marksman rifle. This method would effective disable the regular carbine – since no 5.56 rounds are loaded – but that is not the case in the game.

Yeah…I’m really bored (and lazy with my schoolwork).


As it turns out, the two extra attachments are NOT mutually exclusive. While playing through the Bathhouse stage, I found out that choosing the Assault kit will give you both the shotgun and sniper attachment, but obviously you lose both the foregrip and launcher. But irregardless, being able to fire both the carbine and the sniper attachment doesn’t make sense.