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A Stalker Moment : thunderin'

To follow up on that previous one, my current setup ended up like this:

I was actually on friendly terms with Freedom for most of the game – their leader was actively trying to recruit me – but it’s really hard to pick him when he only offers a SIG550 plus scope compared to what Duty issues: a Groza OC-14, and more importantly, its integrated grenade launcher.

The LR300 is still my primary rifle (since its base accuracy is still higher than both the Vintorez and the Val). Meanwhile, Freedom squads are eating grenades from my new launcher.




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A STALKER Moment : difficult choices

Clear Sky‘s new weapon modification system is really awesome. Unfortunately, it gives the unavoidable side-effect of not knowing when you should part with your customised weapons.

Like so.

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(And now, for something completely different.)

I’ve been playing STALKER again recently, as I’ve never had the time to finish it (like Silent Hunter 3).

Note the farm at bottom-left of map.

Fast forward a bit, and I’m in Dark Valley. While there on a plot-related job (getting the keycard), I ran into a Duty patrol with a mate imprisoned by bandits holed up in a base which, for aforementioned job reasons, I had to raid anyway, so what the hell. After the shooting, I find a random Stalker asking for help. This is nothing unusual, so I give him a health kit, and he tells me about a farm to the South where someone is selling a Gauss gun for 800 ruble – a bargain, considering the average rifle goes for well over a thousand.

So here I am. The guy waves me over right away, and I give him the money (I had about 40,000 ruble at this point). He runs inside to “get the goods” – then turns around and calls me a sucker. The guard at the entrance tells me eff off.

No gauss, but consolation prize is a silenced MP5.



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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – essentially Oblivion with guns

Recently got S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadow of Chernobyl, and after playing through the first area or two, I think I have enough of an impression on the game to form an opinion.

Immediately, the game reminded me of Deus Ex – the near-future plot, the mystery, the fact that you start with a crappy pistol, etcetera. STALKER, of course, looks far better, but in essence, it plays the same. Moving on.

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