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There is no fork

During these past months, number one activity has been: Thinking. Conjuring. Visualizing. Imagining. Fantasizing. After going through enough to allow a comradely embrace from Eins, I think I’m still at square-one.

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Predating my own domain

(Obligatory: Wow, it’s been a while.)

I have noticed some interesting trends among certain members of the working class lately. It’s not anything new, but it has just occured to me, a new addition to that group.

Mainly, it’s how many want to reach the status quo of “maximum pay, minimum work”. However, isn’t that aspiration a bit high for an individual who is currently, most likely, at the reverse?

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Currahee and a half

Wow, it’s been a while.

Anyway. Apparently, I am now a member of the working class temporarily. I work five or six hours a day, every weekday, in some sort of tutoring-for-troubled-kids. Occasionally, really bright ones, too. In any case, this is the line I have to get through to get a ride home. Wee.

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